Payroll Management System (PMS)

Panchisoft manage employee’s financial records (salaries or remuneration, bonuses, deductions, net pay and generation of pay-slip for a specific period) in such a way that enables it maintain accuracy and reduces redundancy and timeliness. So that each and every record can be kept in manner way and can generate the report as per user entered query within limited time in exact way.

Sales Management System (SMS)

Our sales management system functions very oriented towards our goals and efficiency. We hire people with excellent personal selling skills and motivated them towards business growth and expansion of business. We focus on selling technique or approach which focuses on result within a specified set of objectives. We work on basic elements of sales management i.e. planning, coordinating, controlling and motivating. We work hard for making Panchisoft a realistic and achievable as far as possible in measurable and quantitative terms.

Material Management System (MMS)

Material Management System issuing and costing of materials to control the quantity and cost of materials, supplies and services requires a systematic and efficient system purchasing, recording, and storing. Equally necessary is a systematic and efficient procedure for issuing materials and supplies.

Inventory Management System (IMS)

As Panchisoft is a software company, material management system plays a unique role in it. We works on key of material management system i.e. planning, coordinate, schedule and control the procurement, production, and deliveries of projects in defined period of time to customers in reasonable cost. We are determined to implement a fully-integrated strategic cost management system with high quality. We provide our employees a healthy, well designed and an organized business structure so that our work efficiency never compromised. IMS helps us to provide better customer services to achieve both efficient and fast operation, that too, at an affordable cost.

Finance Management System (FMS)

Panchisoft make possible that financial structure of our companies should be simple and adequate as possible as we can. Our FMS manage various functions such as reducing accounting errors, maintaining audits trails, E-invoicing and bill collection, minimizing record-keeping redundancy, ensuring compliance with tax and accounting regulation, helping personnel to quantify budget planning, and offering flexibility and expandability to accommodate change and growth and ensuring compliance with applicable accounting standards. We adapt advance technology and latest method to manage our financial system for governs income, expenses, assets with the objective of ensuring sustainability and efficiency.

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